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The socialization is one of the biggest benefits of a preschool program!

Cooperation and collaboration blossom in our Pre-K classrooms, allowing for more sophisticated play and detailed oriented projects.  Our teachers encourage creativity, problem solving, and risk taking as they support the children's work and passions.  The curriculum is designed to enhance your child's self esteem as they continue their love for learning in our program.  Language arts, math, science, social studies, nature, geography, writing, journaling, and imaginative storytelling are just some of the topics our experienced teachers will be teaching and working with your child on, on a daily to weekly basis to get them ready for success in Kindergarten. 

During this Pre-K year, the teachers emphasize skills that are developmentally appropriate for the year before Kindergarten and specific to each child's needs.  The program is designed to nurture and challenge children in all areas of development.  Our teachers want to make sure your child has a smooth transition as they move on to Kindergarten. 



Pre-K Program

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