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Father and Son Playing

Our Preschool

Our dedicated staff fosters learning through action and creativity because we believe that children are inherently strong, bright, skilled and inquisitive. We help children build respect, accountability, knowledge and community through exploration and discovery. We offer families with young children, ages 18 months old to 6 years old, the chance to connect and form communities that experience the joy and richness of learning.


Our Philosophy

The hallmark of our preschool and kindergarten classes is meeting the individual child at his or her physical, emotional, intellectual, and social stage of development. Every experience is geared to develop the feeling of confidence and security in an age-appropriate atmosphere where each child feels free to explore, observe, question, listen, and learn.

Our programs are developmentally appropriate, exposing children to new experiences, encouraging socialization as well as independence and sharing the joy of learning while fostering strong universal values such as charity, kindness, and taking care of the world.

PA OCDEL Child Care Facility COVID-19 Health & Safety Plan

Phased School Reopening Health and Safety Plan

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